TALES FROM BARLOW WORKS Mike Cawthorne offers the following. Note: To return to this page after accessing an article, press the back button on your browser. 1. Plunger pickups, engine to tender pipes, steam & vacuum pipes 2. Coach Lining Techniques 3. Wooden Roofs for Rolling Stock Project Gresley - how to build and paint Ian Kirk LNER teak coach kits. Many of the methods used are generic to the successful building of other coach kits from this range. We should point out that we have no commercial or other connection with Ian Kirk. 1. Items required     2. Getting started  3. Making the basic body  4. Underframe and solebars  5. Bogies, steps and footboards  6. Buffers  7. Interiors and seats  8. Coach end detail 9. Roof 10. Rigid couplings  11. Painting and varnishing for teak  12. Finishing - handles, door stops, glazing & handrails 
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